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The virtual functional medicine appointments that I offer are perfectly safe and are a very effective and efficient way for you to interact with me through email, phone or a web-based portal.
It gives you the convenience of non-travel, avoiding the hassle of traffic, difficulty finding the doctor’s office, provides an opportunity to interact if you are anywhere in the country, keeping a safe distance of other potentially infectious patients, it’s more time-efficient, private, and done in the comfort of your home or during your break from work. The virtual visit gives you an opportunity to meet with me virtually, face-to-face, as if in a “brick and mortar” physical setting, using technology such as a video call, Zoom, or through a phone consultation.
Based on our consultation, I will determine what is the best course of action to take, whether it is to begin on a nutritional regimen, or further in-depth study that may include: an comprehensive lab work, GI stool analysis, DNA testing, and/or a combination of diagnostics.

Once I determine what you need, I will recommend a plan of care that will put you on a path to wellness. In most all cases, you can probably expect nutritional, detoxification, or lifestyle implementation strategies. My experience over the years, tells me that many chronic cases may realistically take several weeks, months, or even a year of more, especially if you have been struggling for a long period of time or bouncing from one physician to another seeking solutions. The journey back to health is always a process. This is what I have found out with my own health issues. If you have tried everything else, I don’t want you to suffer anymore. Let’s focus on the root cause(s) of your condition. This virtual practice is solely on a cash basis and not insurance dependent.

A Passion for Helping People with their health.

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