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James Hicks

Water Oxygen Therapy

The creation of NanOxyde derives from two paradigm-shifting scientific/medical discoveries: the first comes
from the understanding of specific properties of minute particles of silver that make it an ideal delivery system
for carrying oxygen to pathogenic cells; the second arises from Otto Warburg’s discovery in the 1930s that
cancer cells thrive in oxygen deficient environments. Fortunately for us, in the 1950s a group of scientists
married these two discoveries together, and created a liquid product, originally called Oxy-Silver Solution. The
solution consisted of a specifically, formulated water that, to this day, is unique and unrivalled in its
therapeutic power for reversing many afflictions and illnesses.
Essentially, these scientists discovered how to encapsulate a nano-sized silver nucleus (10 nm) with a cluster
of oxygen molecules. NanOxyde is created by attaching a large number of oxygen molecules (clusters) to each
silver particle, forming what might be best referred to as a silver-oxygen, nano-cluster.
The key to NanOxyde is that the silver-oxygen, nano-clusters are delivered past the cell membrane, into the
heart of the cell.
NanOxyde is a direct cellular infusion oxygen delivery system. It has the ability to specifically route out
pathogenic cells, and then, one by one, destroy them on contact without any harm to healthy cells.
It is also important to understand that although there is a silver nano-nucleus within the oxygen clusters, the
sliver used in NanOxyde is unlike ionic and colloidal silver products that are currently thought of in the holistic
community as natural anti-biotics, rather than influencing a direct effect on the body as the ionic and colloidal
silver products claim. The main function of NanOxyde silver is to serve as a dolly to transport the oxygen into
the pathogenic cells.
In fact, the silver nucleus is so completely encased in active oxygen molecules that it has no physical contact
with its surrounding microenvironment.
The clusters of the silver/oxygen molecules have the ability to precisely hunt down and destroy all pathogenic
Once the nano-clusters of oxygen have found their target, the cluster gives up its oxygen. This happens so
quickly—within mili-seconds—that the pathogens have no opportunity to mutate in their attempts to avoid
the killer-oxygen-clusters (as they do typically with chemotherapy and antibiotics). Rather than accumulating,
the Nanoxyde nano-clusters leave the body entirely within a day or two. But, for all the time that the clusters
remain present in the body, they go into every nook and cranny, all of the blood, all of the capillaries and
vessels—in fact, every place in the body where a pathogen may be living or lurking.
Oxygen as Therapy:
NanOxyde adds oxygen to weak oxygen deprived cells to strengthen them to reverse a condition called
The combining of water and oxygen, as a therapeutic intervention, seems intuitively right as a method of
introducing natural medicine to the body. The human body itself brings together the two components—water
and oxygen—and their ubiquitous presence in our bodies is absolutely essential to life. The body is composed
of 70-80% water—and water is 89% oxygen by weight. Our blood is normally suffused with high amounts of
oxygen. Normal blood oxygen levels are 95-100%. If the level is below 90%, it is considered low, and results in
hypoxemia—the condition of low oxygen. Altogether, oxygen comprises 62% to 71% of the body. Through the
complex roadmaps of our arteries and veins, blood is the transporter of all this oxygen throughout our bodies.
Ninety percent of all our biological energy comes from oxygen. It is the most essential element that the human
body requires in order to not only survive, but also to have optimum levels of energy, to function properly,
and to be productive.
Of course, getting more oxygen into the lungs is always a good idea. We can accomplish this through exercise
and conscious deep breathing. When we breathe deeply and vigorously, oxygen molecules travel from the air
and into the blood. But if breathing deeply were a cure-all for disease, resolving bodily afflictions would be
much simpler than it has proven to be. Part of the reason that merely breathing in more oxygen fails as a
panacea is because only 15% of the oxygen we breathe is absorbed into the bloodstream. In order for oxygen
to be delivered to the most important places in our bodies—the cells and tissues throughout the body—we
need to get oxygen to enter into the blood directly, quickly, and efficiently so that the oxygen can be carried,
without loss, to the cells and tissues that are so hungry for this vital, life-sustaining substance.
Today, we are globally oxygen deprived for many reasons. First, the oxygen-depletion of our air has become a
serious concern. The atmosphere should ideally contain about 20% oxygen. In polluted and urban areas, the
level is typically as low as 10%. Yet, we continue to cut down our trees and rain forests, which provide our
planet with large amounts of oxygen. Trees breathe in carbon dioxide, and they give off the oxygen that we
can then breathe in. Fewer trees mean less oxygen for us to breathe.
There are additional reasons why we are oxygen deprived. While it is true that water in nature contains
oxygen (the “O” of the H2O equation), tap water is not the same as water in nature. It contains far less oxygen
because it must travel first through pipes to get to us, and, as a consequence, has lost its contact with air.
Treating our municipal waters with chlorine also removes oxygen. Processing food, even cooking food,
reduces the oxygen content of our food. Fast food and packaged food is processed in a way to give it a long
shelf life, and this is accomplished by making the food oxygen-poor. Finally, the over-prescribing of antibiotics
reduces our oxygen levels because the drugs destroy the oxygen-producing aerobic bacteria in the digestive
While these causative factors of cellular oxygen depletion are well known, there is another reason that is
rarely talked about. Not only are our oxygen levels low, but also so are our carbon dioxide (CO2) levels. In
today’s hurried world, most of us breathe too rapidly. (One of the many values of yoga and meditation is that
they slow down the rate of breathing.) When we breathe too quickly, we exhale too much CO2. When we get
rid of too much CO2, we drive down the oxygen levels in our bodies, and, as a result, our cells turn unhealthy.
For all these reasons, many, if not most of us, alive today are living as oxygen-deficient beings.
If lack of oxygen is a key driver of cancer growth,
then so is low CO2, pH and depressed cell voltage.
Nanoxyde and the Healthy Terrain (or why Nanoxyde works):
Healthy terrain consists of two internal factors:
1. Alkalinity
2. Electrical Charge
And, contributing to a healthy terrain (or not), are two external factors:
1. Nutrition
2. Toxins
Electrical Charge (voltage and + or -):
All the tissues of the body are made of cells. Every function that occurs in the body is due to the activity of
cells. Each cell has a waterproof membrane surrounding and protecting it. Because of ions within the cell that
hold an electrical charge, the cell membranes, too, have an electrical charge. A young and healthy cell has a
membrane charge of around 70 millivolts. The body’s over-all electromagnetic field is naturally at a higher
intensity than all pathogenic cells, including bacterial, viral, cancer, and fungal cells. An aged cell, similarly, has
a membrane charge that is lower than a healthy cell. A cancer tumor cell has a charge as low as 15 millivolts.
When the membrane charge becomes critically low, the cell has too little energy. In order for the cell to
become healthy again, energy must be given to the cell.
Charges are also either positive or negative. Healthy cells are negative, and want to be fed by negatively
charged ions. On the other hand, all pathogenic cells—viruses, bacteria, yeast, mold, cancer, and all others—
are positively charged.
The active oxygen molecules that comprise the molecular boundary of the NanOxyde nano-cluster have a
slight negative charge.
pH (Alkaline or Acid):
As we all know, in spite of oxygen being a gas, and existing in the atmosphere, it also lives happily in water.
Water is a main carrier of oxygen. Water is one oxygen molecule connected to two hydrogen molecules. If you
break the water molecule apart, you have a hydrogen molecule on one side (H+
), and an oxygen and hydrogen
on the other (OH-
The singular hydrogen (H+
) is acidic, with a low pH, and with a positive charge. The hydroxyl (OH-
) is alkaline,
with a high pH, and with a negative charge. When they—the two “H’s” and the one “O”—then come together,
their pH is neutral. The pH of water is 7 (though this changes slightly depending on the quality of the water),
and this neutral pH is considered to be the demarcation point between acid and alkaline.
The more hydrogen there is in a solution, the more acidic that solution. Acidity can mean a lack of oxygen;
bacteria, viruses, germs, fungi, cancer cells—all survive with little or no oxygen; all are acid. On the other
hand, usually, though not always, the more oxygen present, the more alkaline is the solution. Alkalinity
generally means more oxygen.
Our body’s pH will control the activity of every metabolic function happening in
our body. pH is behind the body’s electrical system and intracellular activity as
well as the way our bodies utilize enzymes, minerals, and vitamins.
The Mechanism of NanOxyde Water:
A distribution imbalance between positively and negatively charged elements creates what is referred to as a
“potentiation differential.” When NanOxyde enters the body, the negative charge of the nano-clusters is
potentiated by, and then drawn into, the positively charged pathogens and/or pathogen-infected cells. The
potentiation differential makes NanOxyde’s contact with pathogenic cells inexorable and unavoidable. They
find each other, pulling into each other like north and south magnets.
NanOxyde brings energy into the cell by supplying the cell with an abundant amount of oxygen though its
Silver-Oxygen clusters. Within seconds, the oxygen is released into the pathogen because of the potentiation
differential between the oxygen and the pathogenic cell. The binding electrons of the oxygen atoms are
attracted to the pathogenic molecular electronic imbalance.
The inevitable attraction between the NanOxyde nano-clusters and the pathogens allow the nano-clusters to
enter into the larger molecular structure of the pathogens. Pathogenic cells become oxidized, and cease to be
viable. They disintegrate instantly when they come into contact with NanOxyde. When this happens, the
architecture of the pathogen collapses. It is as if a bomb has gone off inside the cell. Destruction of hypoxic
pathogens (including cancer cells) is precise, inexorable, and unavoidable.
Yet, the active oxygen molecules are bio-available ONLY during the ridiculously brief period of time (miliseconds) it takes for the active oxygen molecules to explode the host pathogen. After the pathogen is
destroyed, the potentiation differential that stripped the oxygen molecules from the ball disappears, the
active oxygen molecules then re-bond to the nucleus, and the ball moves on to the next pathogen, then the
next, ad infinitum.
This phenomenon has been witnessed with live blood cells in a dark field microscope. It doesn’t matter if the
pathogen is a virus, bacterium, or cancer because what all pathogens have in common is trying to avoid
oxygen at all costs.
While NanOxyde has reversed many diseases in many people, it has not cured everyone who has drunk it. The
question begs to be asked: Why does it reverse disease in some, and not others? It’s a complicated, multilayered answer. But one variable is evident.
The cell not only needs to RECEIVE oxygen to function properly, it also needs to ABSORB oxygen. Here is how
we think this can happen, using the A2000 PEMF device.
PEMF has been proven to cause cell membrane depolarization, thus allowing the cell to take in a greater
amount of oxygen at a greater rate.
However, when stress is felt, the body reverts to a primitive fight-for-survival state; the panic button in the
brain has been pushed. We call this brain-mode: fight or flight. The whole body is poised to fight, or flee, in
order to preserve its very survival. In this state, blood moves away from the gastro-intestinal tract and skin;
pupils dilate; heart rate increases; blood gets diverted to the muscles. In effect, the entire body has gone into
a high alert state. The cells, then, shut down, or close, in preparation for the fight. A closed cell can no longer
receive oxygen. It is also not able to absorb nutrients, nor properly eliminate waste. Although acute crises can
stimulate this mechanism—which is the activation of the sympathetic nervous system—the body can recover
easily and fully when the sense of threat disappears. But under conditions of a prolonged sense of threat, the
sympathetic nervous system takes over as the main mode of operation. When this occurs, healing is not
NanOxyde can’t cure prolonged stress. It can only bring oxygen to the cells that are ready to receive it.

James Hicks

Dr. James E. Hicks has a passion for helping people with their health challenges. He believes that removing the stress from structural, emotional, nutritional, toxicity, and electromagnetic interferences, re-balances the body back to optimal long-term health and enhanced quality of life.

A Passion for Helping People with their health.

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