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James Hicks

Non-Negotiables for Better Health

Non-Negotiables for Better Health


1)  Drink spring water.  Spring water has minerals.  Your body functions on minerals (Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium).  Avoid tap water, on average, has gone through 6 other peoples’ toilets, before it comes back to your home.


2)  Consume a sensible, non-inflammatory diet.  Consume an Omega-3 fish oil.  Consume a bio-diverse probiotic.


3)  Go 55:  Eat 5 servings of vegetable everyday (phyto-nutrients), 5 different colors.  Vegetables are healing, fruits are cleansing.


4)  Get an adequate supply of sunshine everyday and/or consume Vitamin D3 with K1K2.


5)  Keep the body in motion.  Move, exercise, stretch.  Being sedentary is considered the next smoking.


6)  Get adequate rest.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), if you are not resting/sleeping between 10 pm – 2am, your body is not healing/cleansing/rejuvenating.


7)  Wear blue blocker glasses.  Blue light can be harmful to your health, your eyes, and can cause poor sleep.  Wear these when the sun goes down.  Allows melatonin to “kick-in” for optimal sleep and facilitates quicker healing.


8)  Maximize your energy, reduce your stress.  Have a safety outlet—go on a nature walk, do a hobby, workout, or do something you enjoy, to diffuse any “drama” that you internalized that day.


9)  Minimally, cleanse your body when the seasons change, 4x/year.


10) Avoid electro-magnetics as much as possible—radiation from cell phones, wifi, fluorescent lighting, computer monitors, tablets, high definition televisions, blue tooth devices.


11)  Get routine regular integrative conservative chiropractic and preventative medical care.


12)  Get routine vision and dental check-ups.  Every tooth correlates to a different body part.


James Hicks

Dr. James E. Hicks has a passion for helping people with their health challenges. He believes that removing the stress from structural, emotional, nutritional, toxicity, and electromagnetic interferences, re-balances the body back to optimal long-term health and enhanced quality of life.

A Passion for Helping People with their health.

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