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James Hicks

What Will You Do When the Grocery Stores Close?

What Will You Do When the Grocery Stores Close?


We are in unprecedented times!  Issues around the country and globe are so volatile and unpredictable!  Are you prepared if there is a food shortage or clean water crises?  What would you do and where would you get your food necessities?


With the advent of Covid-19 that is rearing its head up again, we may find ourselves with greater government restrictions in what we are able to do.  We have seen gas pipeline shortages from cyber hacking, droughts, and the talk of having to have vaccination passports to go places.  Even the kids, young college students, and athletes are being faced with mask mandates and Covid vaccinations for school admittance and privilege to play sports.


Look at what is happening in the world with New Zealand and Australia where their citizens are in a nationwide lock-down, until they can reach an 80% vaccination rate.   How do you get your groceries with a lock down. For some people, it is a mere inconvenience when stores close for just one day for holidays, like Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s.  Some folks now can’t even eat in restaurants in New York if they aren’t vaccinated.


It might be time to think about becoming more independent, by growing your own food.  This would give you the perfect opportunity to grow your own organic produce and pick only what you need when you need it.  With a home garden, you can grow whatever you want.  You would know with certainty of where your food was coming from and how it was grown.  You would be putting wholesome and nutritious food on the dinner table.  Starting your own garden would save time, money, and would reduce spoilage and waste.


You can have a positive impact on the environment by having the optimal soil quality by controlling insecticides, pesticides, and fungicides.  You also minimize the risk of contamination of salmonella, listeria, or E.Coli when you have direct control of your own garden.  You also get peak freshness by picking the fruits and vegetables just at the right time.  With conventional produce, you don’t really know when it was harvested and most likely traveled across the country to get to your particular region of the country, then re-handled several times to get on the store shelf.


That day may very well come, if not right around the corner, if the food supply becomes a national crises.  The world is an “unpredictable stage” and hard to tell what tomorrow will bring.  Start thinking about having your own garden and being more self-sufficient.  You may want to start, by getting the best quality seeds from “Back to the Roots”, 100% organic, and grown in the United States.


Don’t be caught surprised or in a quandry on what you would do at the last minute.  It may be equated to those who prepare for a hurricane, grabbing last minute groceries and drinking water.  What would happen if there was a food shortage or if grocery stores are forced to close or if it comes to having vaccination mandates to go places, you may be in a horrifying predicament.  Be prepared and be proactive.  We are in unpredictable and unprecedented times.

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James Hicks

Dr. James E. Hicks has a passion for helping people with their health challenges. He believes that removing the stress from structural, emotional, nutritional, toxicity, and electromagnetic interferences, re-balances the body back to optimal long-term health and enhanced quality of life.

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